Conquer the nerves and

Launch with Confidence


Are you getting in your own way of launching your course?


Are you concerned you are not good enough / not ready to share yet?


Are you ready to conquer launch nerves to achieve success?


I am sharing the exact same techniques I use each and every time I launch, that enables me to achieve up to 60% conversion rates!


Joining the 

Launch With Confidence

programme, you will learn how to ......

  • Quieten your inner critic

  • Remove glass ceilings and walls to become a money magnet

  • Align your energy to attract clients with ease and grace

  • Clear your fears of being visible or misunderstood

  • Conquer your imposter fears

  • Overcome thoughts of not being good enough

  • Clear resistance to allow in more wealth and more clients

  • Guidance workbook that you can use every time you launch

  • Wealth and client activation meditations

  • Learn how to clear your energy, the energy of your business and of your environment

  • Access to How-To videos showing you techniques shared in this course

  • Lifetime access, so you can use again and again and again, whenever you launch

  • All materials are available 24/7, so you can use whenever is convenient to you

  • Access to attend the course everytime it is delivered, whilst retaining full access inbetween

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