Free training

"Reclaim Time In Your Day and Get Focused On Your Dreams"

over 5 days

If you are overwhelmed by how much you have to do,

struggling to get focused on building your business,

don't know how to say "no",

then this FREE TRAINING is for you. 




Do you have the ideas, the drive, the commitment,

but just can't find the time to put it all together?


Follow this FREE TRAINING to:


Remove the overwhelm by learning how to reclaim time in your day and plan, so you have freedom of choice.


Remove the overwhelm of what to do next by learning how to prioritise what is most important to YOU (and your business)

so you can progress (your business) further faster

and walk towards your dreams.



Let me share my tried and tested tools, techniques, hints and tips on how to conquer the overwhelm, reclaim time in your day and get focused fast

  • Starts Monday 21st September 2o20

    for 5 days

  • Morning task released at 6:00 am UK.  The video will take no longer than 5 mins to watch, because I time it!

  • Tiny Teach plus "Ask me Anything" Q&A at 6.30 pm UK (for approximately 30 mins)

  • Competitions to win Pow-Wow Hour or a 2 hour VIP with me (via zoom)



During this free training we will cover:

  • Parkinson, Pareto, procrastination, perfectionism and progression

  • How to prioritise what really matters so you know what to do first

  • Learn why and how to say "no"

  • Why to have, and how to stick, to boundaries 

  • Does it matter if things are in the wrong places?

  • The importance of 168

  • Eating elephants

    Who is Stephanie Thompson? 

    • International  Small Business and Mindset Coach, with clients across the globe.
    • Number one, international, best selling, contributing author in USA, UK and Canada.
    • Interviewed on BBC Radio and BBC One television.
    • Radio Presenter for Serenity Radio, hosting Stephanie's Business Coaching Show, broadcasting into 44 different countries
    • Interviewed across the world in podcasts and live broadcasts.
    • Appeared on stages across the globe sharing her knowledge and expertise.
    • After lunch speaker


    There will be competitions during the 5 days, including the following prizes

    • Pow-wow Hour,

      worth £250

      Spend an hour, on-line, to ask Stephanie anything about your business or aligning your energy, whatever you need.

    • VIP session (2 hours)

      worth £425

      Spend some quality time, working on your business, or on your energy.  The call will be on line with Stephanie.

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